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Isnin, 22 Julai 2013

Review 2 Pemenang Segmen 2 in 1 by Hanis Masturina

Ada kelapangan masa ini lebih baik Hanis review blog 2 pemenang Segmen hari itu kan ? ok, start!

*blog anda sangat unik !
*simple sangat dan loading pon ringan sahaja =)

Hey you! Pretty Handsome thanks for reading. I'm Ayu Farahana but ppl called me Ayu short form. Easy to remember my name right? Yeah! I know it. I'm still teenagers but me is PBS victim :( How sad to be me. 99's and 27 Sept is my birthday. Don't forget to give me something or wish me :) Nilai most wanted yow!

Crush? Oh i don't hv a crush. Bcause i hv a boyfriend only. Hewhewhew i'm not that type.. Why my grammar very broken :( Okay i'm not good in english. Just a small girl, cute maybe and talk much. Hihi ;) Friend? Yes i hv many friends. I do love Adriana, Aqilah, Afiqah, Darwisya, Wawa and Haikal as my buddy ヅAmir Raffizie is my what yaa? Enemy or brother? Farah forever my lovely junior. Find me on twitter and instagram @frhnxoxo .

Yeah! I love Yunalis Zarai. Can i meet her one day? Please. Her voice make me feel something. I hope one day i can be like her. Not a singer but a good daughter and etc. Oh yay. I've crush on someone um i hope one day he will be mine. I love youuu crush ♡ Phineas is my crush. He's cute and famous^^ Everyday i watch him in the television. 

* background cantik .
* susunan pon tak serabut
*header sahaja perlu diperbaiki .
* teruskan berblog =)

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